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I’m starting to figure out that updating this site often is harder than it looks. Thus, it makes me think how hard it is for you guys to put a good amount of thought into each practice, but we still push on for our kids. FYI, age focuses are updated, videos are updated. Yes I’m able to link up now, practice drills to come.

Had some thoughts I wanted to share with you as we are half way through the season. I recently attended the coaches seminar by Denny, the Director of Coaching for Missouri Youth. A couple things that I really pulled out of it were:  In age groups U6-U8. The focus for these players is mostly individual ball familiarity. They should constantly be touching the ball. Dribbling in space, dribbling from different areas, dribbling around players, perform moves to get away and around players, developing shooting and passing techniques. Its so important that if they are not able to get around players by U10, they are behind. Thus all practices need to be geared around all players with the ball. Increasing the number of touches will help any players get better. No matter what age. U-10 and up, if you’re players have a hard time dribbling, and doing move to get around players, don’t keep moving forward and forget about the importance of ball skill. Using warm-up is a great time to do this. Pre-game warm-ups are another time to refresh their minds from what was taught that week. At a young age, pre-game warm-ups are just another opportunity for the kids to practice. This past weekend I sat in on the U15 game. I had the coach have the players come in 45min(standard time of arrival is an hour to 45 mins for proper warm-up) before game time and we just worked on basic touches, movements, etc… You could tell what they did during warm-up was being used in the game because it was fresh in their mind. Congrats to U15 Armstrong for their win!!!

I’m not hear to discourage any coach. This is a great opportunity to stop and think how your kids are doing and give these kids the ball skills they need to succeed in this sport. There is nothing wrong with stepping back to reiterate the importance of ball control, dribbling skills. If you feel your team has a hard time with this, at any age, be sure to design a practice that will help achieve these skills. You’ll see a HUGE difference in the level of play among the players. In turn, we will start to take shape in being a great club.

Any question, you know what to do. I’m always available.

Coach Cook


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I first want to mention my loving wife Megan (Jameson) Cook. Who has blessed my life and made me a better person. My mother who was very supportive in all my youth endeavors and all my friends that are still in my life today. I am a college graduate of Greenville College (Illinois) where I attained a B.S. in Physical Edu. with a minor in coaching and a Drivers Edu. endorsement. During my education, I was fortunate to play college soccer as a goalkeeper. I participated in 5 winning seasons (red shirt year) with the program, and experienced post-season tournaments (conference, regional & national level) throughout my 5 years. This is a program that is derived from high expectations for the athletes as a student, player and person, which was taught to me through the game of soccer. This page is designed to help coaches in the Harrisonville Soccer Club (HSC) mold and shape the soccer players of today and tomorrow. View all posts by Coach Cook

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