Practice Plan Format


It’s of up-most importance that every time you conduct your practices that you know what you are going to coach that day, week,  season. On this page we’ll show you the things to keep in mind when putting one together. There is also an example to look at and a template for you to use when you actually start piecing your practices together.

Main Structure of Your Practice

Warm Up: 10-15min based off age


  • Ball familiarity to develop basic skills, creative ball moves U6-U8
  • U9 and Up: Transition into possession drills, creative ball movement.

o       For U8 & up- before practice starts or before you start the main drills. Let the players know what today’s practice focus is, it’ll help player prepare mentally and physically

Type of drills to use in warm up:

  • Dribbling
  • Ball control (Cone Stations)
  • Juggling
  • 3v1, 4v1, 5v2 (w/ Transition)

Main Drills: 35-55min based off age, 3-4 Drills


  • Choosing drills that are specific to age
  • Keep in mind that drills need to match your weekly focus & important content for that age.
  • Providing variations
  • Have coaching points when you break

Scrimmage/Game: 15-30min.


  • Small sided games should be used often
  • Developing Team concept
  • Letting them play & have fun

Cool Down:

  • Time to debrief on what was taught.

Remember: Having a well thought out practice provides structure and direction to your practice. You’ll get effective and productive practices.


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